What’s the best shaving gel?

It’s sort of like asking, what’s the best shampoo – it’s all about personal preference, trial and error, support and advice from Mom, and of course, smooth and comfortable results. Skintimate women’s shave gel brand offer a lot of different gels and crèmes to try from fresh fragrances to specialty skin formulas.

Skintimate offers two types of shave gels:

For girls looking for additional skin benefits from their shave gel, Skintimate® Skin Therapy shave gels have a moisture-rich lotionized formula that contains nourishing moisturizers and vitamins to help replenish skin’s natural moisture. Available in five formulas including Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin. Read more about Skin Therapy Gels.

For girls looking for some fun fragrances while shaving, Skintimate® Signature Scents® shave gels feature a blend of 6 moisturizers and vitamins, including Vitamin E and Olive Butter, to help protect and nourish skin, available in 5 luscious fragrances. From Raspberry Rain to Mandarin Burst to Strawberry Tangerine, these fruity fragrances will liven up a girl’s shave.

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